Leadership and Quality Improvement Team

The newly formed Leadership and Quality Improvement Team are responsible for developing and improving the quality of leadership and management capabilities across the Trust, as well as providing Quality Improvement training and guidance for departments in order to support efficient and high quality patient centred care.  The team also provide links to external accredited programmes and enable access to development through professional partner organisations across the region and beyond.

Email: stees.leadershipandqi@nhs.net

Tel: 01642 850850 ext. 54182


South Tees Leadership Development Programme 2020

Our 3 day leadership development programme has been designed to support our leaders in developing their understanding of leadership & management skills.  This is in line with the South Tees Leadership & Quality Improvement Strategy.


The programme aims to:

•       create opportunities for learning & development

•       promote Trust values & behaviours

•       improve employee engagement

•       enhance organisational culture


The individual days can be completed in isolation or as a whole package, though we recommend that delegates leave a break between sessions to embed their learning before attending the next.


Leadership Development Programme - New and Aspiring Leaders

Recommended for staff across the Trust who wish to develop their leadership effectiveness. This session covers:        

•       Leadership and management fundamentals

•       Leadership styles

•       Values and behaviours

•       Your personal impact and how to develop it


Leadership Development Programme – Inspirational Leaders

Recommended for staff across the Trust who wish to learn how leadership translates to team effectiveness. This programme is about leading and developing teams through:

•       Organisational culture

•       Understanding team styles

•       Using the Belbin model

•       Developing team performance

•       Addressing Dysfunctional teams

•       Challenging behaviour


Leadership Development Programme – Visionary Leaders

Recommended for staff across the Trust who wish learn how their leadership can affect the development of the services we provide through:

•       Developing a leadership framework

•       Reflexive leadership

•       Coaching/influencing for performance

•      Leading Change


To book please follow the link: https://www.southteeslri.co.uk/leadership-development-programme

Any queries can be emailed to: stees.leadershipandqi@nhs.net  

South Tees Quality Improvement Programme 2020

Available to all staff across the trust, including leaders, managers, team members and teams as a whole.    

Quality Improvement (Q.I) explores a number of service improvement methods, where interactive activities have been designed to help bring Q.I theory and methodology to life.

Candidates will be introduced to a range of Q.I tools and taught how to implement them in a work setting. In order to bring about efficiencies, eliminate waste and streamline processes and working practices.

Depending on your level of expertise sessions have been broken down into three categories:

  1. Foundation ½ day workshop – Beginner level
  2. Practitioner full day’s workshop – Intermediate level
  3. Data and quantifying findings ½ day workshop – Intermediate level

By the end of the session(s) candidates you will gain an understanding of:

  • Goal setting and SMART objectives
  • Driver diagrams and PDSA cycles
  • Process mapping
  • Identifying and eliminating the 8 wastes  
  • 5’S
  • Standardisation

Content of the sessions does vary depending on the level of workshop you attend so if you are unsure as to which would be most suitable for your needs please contact the team below to discuss. 

To book, please follow the link:https://www.conferencessouthtees.co.uk/quality-improvement-sessions

Any queries can be emailed to: stees.leadershipandqi@nhs.net  

Work Requests

Should you wish to discuss a bespoke intervention or session, please complete the form below and send to: stees.leadershipandqi@nhs.net where your request will be considered in line with organisational requirements